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PH21 > Reports > All Students > Maths Number > Spring 2021/22

With restrictions lifting we have been able to access the community to engage with our maths lessons. 

Numeracy has been focused on shopping for the various trips. Selecting items, counting, sorting, halving and quartering them as well as work around currency and calculation. 

*Name* has done a lot of work with data on the various trips we have been on. This has included collating information on the animals we have seen in the various National Parks to estimating and comparing distances of our walks around locations like the Trafford Centre and The Museum of Science and Industry.

As it has been a summer term containing some reasonable weather, we have managed to take advantage of our amazing Fantasy Forest. To tie in with the travel/holiday aspect of our English we have been outside measuring, moving and spilling quite a bit of water for our shape, space and measure strand of maths. *Name* has travelled to different countries (locations on our Fantasy Forest) and transported water back to our main terminal (a designated Know Globe) via all sorts of different non-standard measuring devices. You’d be amazed at how many egg cups it takes to move a litre of water!

Again, *Name* has work very hard in all areas of maths and has shown great focus with the new topics. *Name* has a very good understanding of the work we have completed and will move on to next year with all the knowledge required to take on even more exciting challenges. 

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