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Home of the Grange School podcasting empire.

Podcastle houses all our broadcasts. It currently includes GameOn, Food For Thought and Natterflix.

All podcasts are hosted by our students.

Click the icon to visit any of our podcasts:

Game On - Podcast Neon Logo.png
Food For Thought - Logo.png

Apply to be a guest

If you would like to be on one of our podcasts simply click below and let us know your name and class. We will then contact your teacher and get back to your regarding your application.

Game On - Podcast Neon Logo.png

Ready, steady, Game On!

It brings a relaxed environment that allows students to talk about all things gaming! From the latest tech releases to old school consoles. We review games, products, services as well as having on guests from other classes. Enjoy.

Game On - Episode One
00:00 / 31:40
Game On
Food For Thought - Logo.png

Food for Thought is our culinary based podcast.

We bring the heat out of the kitchen and to the studio as we discuss all things food related. From meal time favourites to the wild and wonderful flavours others may never have tried. We discuss it all on Food for Thought.

Food For Thought - Episode 1
00:00 / 13:34
Food for Thought
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