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Welcome to the Brewhog Soup Kitchen

Homemade soup & Fresh Bread - Only £2.00

Available Every Wednesday Lunchtime 

Brewhog Soup Kitchen will offer homemade soup and fresh bread every Wednesday

We prepare and cook around 20 portions for serving. You can pre-order and reserve yours via the order buttons on this page. Simply click the button and a pre-populated email will open. Send this over and your order is sorted.

Keep an eye out around school and on your emails to see what delights we will have available next Wednesday.

Chopping Vegetables

What is on our menu


Every week we prepare one of our delicious homemade soups as well as a fresh bread to accompany it. We have listed the flavours that could be on the menu each week.


Tomato & Basil

Broccoli & Stilton

Winter Vegetable

Hot & Sour


Sweet Potato, Coconut Curry


Spanish Tortillas

Soda Bread

Crusty Rolls

Fresh Baguettes

Cutting Bread

Mission Statement

Brewhog Soup Kitchen has a slightly different approach to our other enterprises in the way that is does not operate via pre-orders.

This teaches our students the importance of marketing, branding and promotion.

The Soup Kitchen also means those students working over lunch will have to react and serve customers on the spot. This is a skill we are working with rigorously through classroom activities but one that will truly develop in a real life situation.

As well as work experience in the cafe, the Soup Kitchen will continue to develop students awareness of health, safety and hygiene skills in their food preparation. It is also a great opportunity for those students to become aware of healthy foods, cooking independently and portion control.

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