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We have a lot of amazing animals at Grange School that need specialist jobs doing every day.

All our classes work on a rotating timetable with dozens of jobs for all our school animals. From feeding the alpacas and changing the ducks water to grooming the rabbits and bathing our tortoises. Our animals offer unique experiences within our careers programme.

What is Animal Express?

If a class is unable to complete their designated duty from the animal job timetable they simply complete the form below and we will ensure another group of students attend to the animals.

Click the relevant button below to find all the resources for feeding, equipment and watering your animal.

Animal Express
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Complete the below form if you are unable to complete your timetabled job.

Put in your class number, the animal you need cover for, description of the job (as per timetable), the day you need the job doing (same day - please just select todays day) and notify us of the time slot (Morning - 9.15am, Afternoon (1) - 1.15pm, Afternoon (2) - 2.15pm and End of Day - 3.00pm)

Your job has been circulated and added to the Teaching Staff email group.

Newsround Logo Small.png

Grange School - As seen on BBC Newsround

Our amazing animals and students were featured on BBC Newsround in January 2022.


The show was broadcast to almost 1.7 million weekly visitors to the Newsround website and received some lovely messages from people across the country.

Well done to all those who featured on the show. You did an amazing job and certainly did a better job than Coco pig and Cookie who clearly got stage fright in front of the cameras!

Timetable: Alpacas

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 21.16.17.png


Full Equipment List (all jobs)

Bucket, Spade, Fork, Brush, Gloves, Wheelbarrow.

Food & Water

Alpaca food is kept in the alpaca shed.

They require one scoop of feed per alpaca.

Check the water butt has water in for the troff and fill the yellow bucket.


Use the allocated spades to move the manure to the compost bin in the pen.

Changing Bedding

Old straw to be transferred to the main bins. Use the pink wheelie bin to transport it.

New straw is located in the alpaca shed. Use one bale for bedding.

Health Check

Check eyes, ears and toenails.

Wash enrichment toys in soapy water and rinse.


Alpaca Walking

Walk the alpacas on their halters.

Alpaca Anchor


Food & Water

N/A - Cookie and Alfie are fed at home.


Poo bags for the dogs are available from Rachael's office.

Cleaning & Grooming

Dog shampoo and brushes are available in Phil's classroom in the Academy Building.

Dog Walking

Any of the therapy dogs can be walked. Please take a lead and poo bags with you.



Full Equipment List (all jobs)

Bucket, spade, fork, brush, gloves, wheelbarrow.

Food & Water

Ensure the feeder has food in it.

Change the water in the containers.

Cleaning enclosure, bowls and bathing areas

Wash all food and water containers out with warm water and rinse.

Clean out duck house, removing all old bedding, spraying down, brushing out and putting fresh bedding in.

Letting the ducks out and putting them in

Move the ducks to new areas within Fantasy Forest for exercise.

Ensure they are back in their house at the end of the day.



Full Equipment List (all jobs)

Bucket, spade, fork, brush, gloves, wheelbarrow.


Food & Water

Clean all bowls with warm soapy water and rinse.

Change all water in drinking containers.

Change paddling pool water.

Food *Insert Update*

Manure and Living Areas

Use the allocated shovels to move the manure to the compost bin in the pen.

Clean pig sty out. Empty old hay into the green bins using the wheelbarrow. Disinfect sty and put fresh bedding down.

Clean pig enrichment area, collecting and disposing of manure. Hide healthy enrichment treats.

Clean pig run area and remove manure.

Cleaning, Grooming and Health Checks

Brush and comb hair.

Bath pig.

Check hooves, eyes and ears.

Exercise by taking them for a walk.



Full Equipment List (for all jobs)

Bucket, bin bag, gloves, disinfectant spray.

Food & Water

Clean food bowls and containers with warm soapy water and rinse.

Fill with clean water.

*food TBC*

Hutch and Village

Empty and dispose of old bedding. Brush out the area and spray with disinfectant. Allow to dry before putting down newspaper, fresh shavings and hay.

Cleaning, Grooming and Health Checks

Bath and brush the rabbits.

Check eyes, ears, teeth and nails.



Full Equipment List (all jobs)

Bucket, bin bags, gloves, disinfectant spray.

Food & Water

*Food amount*

Clean and replace water in all bowls.

Cleaning Enclosure

Check heat lamp is working.​

Clean enclosure, remove waste and replace shavings.

Clean tortoise shelters and bowls with warm soapy water and rinse.

Cleaning, Grooming and Health Checks

Wash tortoises in shallow bath.

On warm days take the tortoises to their outdoor pen. This is located on the grassy area near Growzone (attended at all time).

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