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Smoothie Shack is open every Monday. Orders must be placed by lunch time the previous Friday.

All smoothies cost just £2.00! Please note we have a 35p charge for PayPal payments.

Due to Covid19 restrictions we will be delivering ALL our smoothies.

See are full range of flavours by clicking here

Once upon a time there was a cake mix...

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Our Amazing 


Monday Blues

It'll Be O'Kale

Breaktime Colada

Get over the weekend with our berry delicious Monday Blues smoothie.

- Raspberry

- Blueberry

- Banana

- Vanilla

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Our Vitamin packed It'll Be O'kale smoothie will get your week off to a healthy start.

- Kale

- Avocado

- Pineapple

- Ginger

- Vanilla

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Clinging on to those holiday vibes still? This is the one for you. Replace your break time with beach time feels!

- Coconut

- Pineapple

- Vanilla

(No Rum included) 

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