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The sky is the limit

Start your journey now with Send My CV and create a truly unique CV 


What is a CV?

It's time for you to start building your CV and we are here to help.

A CV is all about you telling a prospective employer or college everything they need to know about you. From your hobbies and interests to your favourite subjects and academic skills.

As brilliant as you may be, and all the amazing things you can write about yourself, it is important that your CV stands out from the crowd. Don't worry about that side of things as Send My CV is here to help.

Simply download the CV form, complete it with as much information as you can and return it back to us via the upload section at the bottom of the page. We will then get a professional looking CV back to you as soon as possible.


Lets get started...

What to include in my CV

Our template will help you to write down everything you need in your CV. It is always a good idea to include:

  • Full Name

  • Contact Details

  • Personal Statement

  • Key Skills

  • Education

  • Work Experience

To understand more about each section you can read our detailed guide below. This should help you answer any questions you may have and support you in completing your CV.

If you have any problems you can speak to your teacher or a member of the Careers Team in school.

Graphic 2.png

Personal Statement

A CV personal statement is a bite-sized sentence or two summing up who you are as a professional, and what you want to offer employers in terms of your ambition and experience.

Example personal statement
“I am a Post 16 college student at Grange College. I am looking to work in the catering and industry sector. I have practical experience in a cafe environment, cooking, hosting, arranging events and working with the general public.”

Keep the statement short but full of relevant information. Two or three sentences at the most.

Graphic 3.png

Key Skills

The key skills we work on at Careers in Grange are:

- Punctuality

- Working Safely

- Time Management

- Desire and Enthusiasm 

- Problem Solving

- Communicating Effectively

You will have great examples of this in your Careers Portfolio. Take a look at the things you have done in the past and use them as examples.

Graphic 4.png


This section is all about the qualifications you are working towards.

Your teacher will be able to help you with this and give examples of the type of work you have done.

Graphic 5.png

Work Experience

You will have undertaken work experience without even realising sometimes. 

Working in Brewhog, Deli, Buddha Bowls or even our school jobs all count towards your work experience.

In addition to this, your Careers Portfolio will have employer engagement sheets for to those visits you've had to different businesses. These all count too.

Graphic 6.png
Download CV Template

Upload My CV

Complete the form and upload your CV document.

We need your teachers name to forward the final design to.

Let us know your favourite colour so we can theme your CV.

Download the CV Form

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Upload File

Congratulations. Your CV has been sent.

Remember what your CV is for. It’s not just to show employers what you’ve done. It’s to show employers who you are and what you CAN do.

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