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Growing a plant from a seed

As part of our remote learning you are going to grow a plant at home.

All the materials you need have been sent to you. We will be looking at the processes needed to help our plant grow during our lessons.

Evidence can be uploaded directly to your teacher from this page.

Remote - vocational Day.png

Below are the key stages in growing and maintaining a healthy plant

How to grow a plant

  • Putting compost in the pot.

  • Planting a seed or bean in the pot.

  • Watering the seed.

  • Placing the seed in the correct place.

  • Seedling starting to grow.

  • Watering the seedling.

  • Taking the seedling out and putting it in a bigger pot (potting on)

  • Putting the plant outside in a sheltered place. (Hardening)

  • Digging a hole in the ground/outdoor pot the correct size.

  • Putting plant into hole carefully.

  • Filling hole around plant.

  • Watering the plant.

  • Week 1 in the garden/outside.

  • Week 2 in the garden/outside.

  • Week 3 in the garden/outside.

  • Using the herb in cooking.

Submit Work

It is important to document your work as you grow your plant from the seed. Put you name and a little report below and send us a photo of what you have been doing on a regular basis.

Upload a photo of your work.

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