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Grange School has an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understand throughout the school. 

We follow and monitor student progress with the Gatsby Benchmarks through Compass and our own career subject tracking in line with our Know and Remember curriculum.

Project Profession manages everything careers related at Grange School. From school business, Entrepreneurs Club to ensuring that our careers curriculum and the Gatsby Benchmarks work together to deliver an engaging and purposeful offer. Project Profession is also our platform for working with businesses in the community to offer our students high quality work experience and engagement with a potential employers. 

Careers Compliance

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Parent & Visitor

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If you would like to work with our amazing team of staff and students at Grange School we would love to hear from you.

From work experience placements, work related talks and beyond, the engagement with the professional world is a vital part to Project Profession and enriches our students Cultural Capital offering.

Businesses & Working With Us 

Working With Us

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Managing business relationship and ensuring quality and meaningful experiences take place.

Project Profession was created at Grange School to help manage all things careers related. We ensure the needs and interests of our students are understood before seeking high quality work place experiences for them. This can vary from placements, work experience or virtual tours and talks. To enrich these experiences we regularly run careers meetings between students and our external careers adviser This allows us to ensure any encounters are meaningful and of a high quality.

What do we need?

Sometimes in life we don't know we need or like something until we find out about it. This can often be the case with our students.

We love working with a wide range of businesses that offer a variety of experiences for our students. Sales, administration, customer services and beyond. We are always looking to engage with the business community both locally and nationally to open the eyes of our young people to the world of work.

The students that primarily engage with external businesses are key stage 3, 4 and 5 (14+ years old).

If you would like to support our amazing careers offer at Grange School, or if you would like to discuss anything further, please get in touch.

We are very proud of the different businesses run by our students.

Click on any of the logos below to learn more about the different enterprises at our school.

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School Businesses

Operating within Grange School

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